If you have arrived at this site and you DO NOT hold one of my cards, please leave. I’m sorry to be so abrupt but this site is not a marketing presence and the assistance offered here is not available to the general public.

My name is John Stucky and I am a business owner, entrepreneur and CPA. I have owned and operated several small to mid-sized businesses in my career and currently still have 4 operating today. I have nearly 35 years of experience. I now consider myself retired – or at least semi-retired. At this point in my career, I am looking for opportunities to give back and on many occasions I have observed other small businesses struggling (and in some cases being taken advantage of) in one of the areas that I have extensive experience. As a result, I decided to offer my expertise to other business owners in order to help them navigate these areas:

  1. Finance, Accounting & Taxes
    I have been a CPA for over 30 years and have practiced at KPMG and a large regional firm. Although I do not practice public accounting any longer (and haven’t for quite some time), I am well versed in this area and can assist with all things-finance which includes, but is not limited to, accounting, taxes, financial reporting, banking, loans, funding, etc.
  2. Technology
    After my public accounting stint, I created my own consulting company as well as a separate software company. I have dealt extensively with business software and nearly all aspects of technology in many industries. Examples of my experience include ERP systems, installations, upgrades, customization, software selection as well as development, infrastructure and cloud hosting, licensing, automation, barcodes, scanners, PLCs, EDI, integrations and much more.
  3. Real Estate
    As I got older, my family started a real estate company that has grown substantially over the years and we still own and operate it to this day. Our company specializes in short term rental properties and we own over 18 properties today in three states. I have dealt with everything from commercial property, leasing, financing, residential rental and even land development.

So what I am offering you? Assistance. At no charge. Plain and simple. At this point in my career, as I have looked for opportunities to give back, I have found great satisfaction in helping other business owners and entrepreneurs navigate some of these areas and pass along some of the experience I have gained over my career.

My assistance usually involves helping to assess a situation and create a game plan to address it. Depending on the situation, we may even dig in and deal with it on our own (that means you and me). Many times, this process will include evaluation of current staff and vendor relationships as well as any new potential team members and relationships to help you get going in the right direction.

Have you ever seen TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares or Bar Rescue. Shows where experts like Gordon Ramsey and Jon Taffer go in and help a struggling restaurant/bar get straightened out in a few days? That’s what I try to do for small business owners. However, I have no show, no film crew and no desire to be public about it. Everything I do is strictly confidential and not shared with anyone. I have no agenda to grow my reputation or make a public spectacle. I just want to help.

You won’t get other opportunities like this. They don’t exist. But I have come across your organization somehow (usually in-person or from someone I know very well – who knows you). That’s how you got the card. And, I only help those who have the cards. Nobody else.

  • No obligation.
  • No fees of any kind.
  • No referral arrangements, related companies, commissions or anything like that.

Just help. Help for situations that are usually tough (back taxes, payroll issues, banking problems, evaluating your IT team or provider, ransomware or hacking attacks, legal issues, etc.) and where, as a business owner, you may not know where to turn or what to do.

If you have the card and don’t have a problem, then no big deal. Congrats and well done! I probably visited your place and liked it so much, I just wanted to meet you! Do not hand the card to anyone else – just destroy it. However, if you have something you want to talk about or you need help, feel free to reach out.

Next step? If you want to have a conversation and see if I may be able to help, here is what you need to do: Just send an e-mail to the address on the card.

DO NOT LOSE the card. You must have that card with you and I will ask you for the number again when we talk.

That’s it. I will call you back once I get the e-mail. Sometimes it takes a day or two, but I try to call back soon.

WARNING: I only work with companies that provide a legal products or services and who are committed to operating in a completely legal and legitimate way.